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Rehabilitation & Recovery

This service assists people with a mental illness to choose, get and keep valued roles in the community such as employee, tenant or student. Working through a step-by-step process with a Rehabilitation Worker, people learn skills and make the changes necessary to be successful and satisfied.

What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is more than just finding a job, home, school, or a place to meet people. It is helping people to recover or discover meaningful roles in life. Rehabilitation staff work with individuals to select a place to live, learn, work or socialize from the broadest range of possibilities based on personal preferences, interests and skills. The person has an opportunity to develop wellness plans, gain self-awareness and insight about recovery, learn how to problem solve an issue before a crisis develops, and respond to and manage stress.  The development of the right skills, resources and supports are important once the person begins their new role so they can achieve success in it.

Getting Involved

The first step is attending an Information Session. 

The purpose of the Information Session is to provide information about the service to help people decide if they would like to apply.  Some of the things that are discussed include:

  • An overview of CMHA, Winnipeg and the Rehabilitation & Recovery Service
  • An overview of recovery and how we work with people
  • A discussion of who might be a match for our service and how to apply

The Information Session takes about 45 minutes and applications are available at the end of the session for those interested in the service.  A clinical reference form is also provided at the session with instructions on how to complete it.  An individual intake is provided on a later date, once an application is processed.

For more information, Download the Rehabilitation & Recovery Service brochure

To Register for upcoming Rehabilitation & Recovery Services Information sessions online, please follow the links below or call our office at 204-982-6100.

Information on the other Rehabilitation & Recovery Services offered by CMHA Winnipeg can be found below.

Community Housing with Supports

CMHA Winnipeg entered into a partnership with the Manitoba Government and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to offer a program called Community Housing with Supports. This project targets 50 individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness or who have resided in transitional housing settings for an extended period. These individuals are supported by a team of Rehabilitation Workers and Skills Coaches that assist them to locate housing, establish their household and maintain their housing through the provision of supportive services within their housing and adjacent community. The team uses a holistic approach to identify client needs and works with the client in collaboration with existing health and social service providers and community resources to meet these needs.


April 15, 2014.  The CMHA Winnipeg Region – Community Housing with Supports (CHS) Program releases first year evaluation results. Click here to read more about CHS and the program evaluation.


April 16, 2014.  CMHA Winnipeg Region is pleased to have our Community Housing with Supports program highlighted in the current edition of the WRHA Magazine – Inspire.  Click here to access the article.


Getting Involved

For more information call our office at 204-982-6100. Referrals for Community Housing with Supports need to be completed by Homeless Outreach Mentors. Homeless Outreach Mentors can be found at the homeless shelters as well as RAY, Spence Neighbourhood Association and West Central Women’s Resource Centre.

Exploring the Journey of Recovery Workshops


  • Is a process that is possible for everyone
  • Means that someone is not defined by their mental illness; it is only a part of them
  • As people discover who they are and what their strengths are, their experience of illness becomes less prominent
  • Is about regaining meaningful roles in life
Parent Wellness Initiative

This service works together with single parents (mom or dad), age 18 and older, who have at least one child under the age of six, and who are enrolled in the single parent category of Employment and Income Assistance (EIA). Participants need to live in Winnipeg.

Portable Housing Benefit

The PHB is a rent subsidy for low-income individuals with a mental health disability. Eligibility criteria are as follows: the individuals must be enrolled on Employment & Income Assistance as a person with a mental health disability; individuals must have an unstable housing situation that is interfering with their progress in treatment and positive participation in community; individuals must remain engaged in the mental health services during the Project; and individuals must not be involved in mental health services through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.