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Rehabilitation and Recovery

We offer a variety of specialized Rehabilitation and Recovery Services.

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1. Rehabilitation and Recovery Service

This service assists people with a mental illness to choose, get and keep valued roles in the community such as employee, tenant or student. Working through a step-by-step process with a Rehabilitation Worker, people learn skills and make the changes necessary to be successful and satisfied.

2. Exploring the Journey of Recovery Workshops

Exploring the Journey of Recovery Workshops provide individuals with the opportunity to work on their recovery in a workshop setting. After an introductory workshop, participants select topic-based workshops based on their individual needs and recovery plan, developed with the assistance of our Workshop Facilitator.

3. Community Housing with Supports

Community Housing with Supports works with people who have experienced chronic homelessness or who have resided in transitional housing settings for an extended period.

4. Employment with Supports

Employment with Supports is part of CMHA’s National Employment Project, “At Work / Au Travail”. The service works with employers and people looking for employment.

5. Parent Wellness Initiative

This service works with single parents facing social stresses who have children under the age of 6 and who are enrolled in the single parent category of Employment and Income Assistance.

6. Portable Housing Benefit Support Service

This service supports recipients receiving the Portable Housing Benefit (PHB), a rent subsidy for low-income individuals with a mental health disability.